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Special offers

Specially for visitors of our parks we have developed a special loyalty program

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Information on special offers you can get in section Special offers

Opening hours, prices and services may differ within the chain

  • Special offer for students!

    Get a 50% discount for games in virtual reality

    • - Discount is valid with a student card
    • - Discount is valid in the morning from Monday to Friday
    • - Discount is not valid public holidays
    • - One valid student card gives a discount on 1 session

    Available Mon to Fri (10:00) - (15:00)

  • Special offer for birthday!

    Hold your birthday party in virtual reality with 30% discount

    • - Stretch your holiday! The discount is also valid 1 day before and 1 day after your birthday
    • - Discount can be shared with a friend (up to 2 people)
    • - Discount is available only with the confirming document


  • A loyalty card gives you the opportunity to get the games for free!

    Special offer "Game for free"!

    Collect 5 stamps on you card and play 1 game for free!

    • - card can be used by one or more players
    • - to get a free game, you must collect 5 promotional stamps on the card
    • - 1 stamp = 1 ticket
    • - gift  games may not exceed 15 minutes


  • Special offer for grandparents!

    Show a pension card and receive a 50% discount

    • - Offer is valid on weekdays in the morning from 10:00 to 15:00
    • - Offer is not valid on public holidays
    • - Offer is valid upon presentation of a valid pension card

    Available Mon to Fri (10:00) - (15:00)

  • Special offer "Happy hours"!

    Play in virtual reality with 50% discount every day!

    • - Offer is valid from 10:00 to 13:00 on Weekdays except weekends and public holidays
    • - To receive the discount, you must say the code words "Happy hours" to the administrator 

    Available Mon to Fri (10:00) - (15:00)

  • Special offer "All inclusive!"

    Integrated ticket for all attractions at the best price

    • - A set of attractions may vary in different parks of the chain. Check with the administrators
    • - Combo MAXI includes all the attractions represented in the park


Get a free ticket for the first visit of the park