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VR Treadmill

VR Treadmill

VR Treadmill is an omnidirectional treadmill, a virtual reality accessory and game controller simultaneously.

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VR Treadmill

VR Treadmill is an extraordinary and unique treadmill, where gamer can slide in any direction. Special soft and technologies connect the device with virtual world. So now the gamer can freely move within the game for unlimited distances and make active movements keep staying withing the physical game scene and without a risk to hit the wall. And your digital hero repeate every your move. With this VR product by ARena Space you can to feel complete freedom of movement within virtual gameplay running, squating, dodging in virtual reality. 

This is a new word in the gaming industry and the maximum rapprochement of the virtual world with reality!

Just imaging such games as Serious Sam or Counter Strike in virtual reality with this VR attraction! Or group?multiplayer? All this is possible with VR Treadmill. This revolutionary product is created specifically for the most demanding players and you can experience more than 15 pieces of content in ARena Space parks.

Price from 300 Р

Session from 10 to 60 min

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