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Manage virtual reality with your own gesture

The game is much more interesting if instead of a passive button pressing, your movements are given to your VR character. Virtual reality attraction Motion VR allows you to control your avatar using body movements without controllers and wires. This is possible thanks to the latest technologies of augmented and virtual reality.

ARena Space declares war on passive computer games. With Motion VR you have no time to be bored: health and happy hormones fill the body and new experiences make life brighter.

Price: from 250 Р

Session: 5 to 15 min

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For many, virtual reality means VR glasses or helmet, a variety of controllers and many cables. But what if you can play virtual games only wearing a virtual reality helmet and control the game using your own body movements, waving, bending in different directions, actively using your own coordination for the game? With Motion VR you will be able to train with a Boxing dummy as a real Pro, fly like a bird, accelerating the flight with one stroke of the wing... that is arm or to fight with virtual enemies using a huge arsenal of different weapons!

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