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VR Cube

VR Cube

It is the best sensations of virtual reality

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Active games with HTC Vive

VR CUBE is the best sensations of virtual reality on HTC Vive. We have prepared a safe area with the best glassess on the market. It includes dozens of specially selected games of virtual reality, and their number is constantly increasing. The latest technology ARena Space, HTC and Valve make a person part of a virtual world, breaking the plane of the ordinary screens.

VR CUBE is enjoyed by everyone at first sight and is endlessly surprising. You no longer need to buy glasses, to set up the computer, to spend time and money before the game. Try a new game or continue an old one, invite friends to see how they cope.

Price: from 250 Р

Session: 5 to 60 min

Attraction in parks


VR Cube

In VR Cube you can play a variety of virtual reality games. The attraction consists of a VR helmet and special controllers to interact with the game. The main feature of games is their activity. Here you can shoot a bow, handguns, fantastic space weapons and even destroy gingerbread men with candy bullets, mountain ski and ride roller coasters, throw snowballs and bombs, to go through complicated mazes, solve puzzles or just dive to the bottom of the sea, together with whales and jellyfish. Games in the VR Cube are suitable for any gender and age

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