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Paraplan VR

Paraplan VR

Virtual reality flight simulator

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Flights in Virtual Reality

Flying in a dream is cool. Flying in virtual reality is even better. Attraction Paraplan VR takes you on an exciting virtual adventure. This is a special game: here virtual reality glasses are combined with a real flight simulator, but the highlight lies in the exclusive games of virtual reality.

In computer games you can fly planes, space ships, dragons or broomsticks. But something was always missing. Paraglider VR for the first time will make you believe in the reality of the flight and will give you unique emotions.

Price: from 300 Р

Session: 5 to 15 min

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Paraplan VR

VR Paraplan is a great simulator of a variety of aircrafts. Thanks to a special chair with a hanging design and virtual reality technology, you can experience the charm of controlling a paraglider, and hang glider and flex-wing trike, space ship or just be inside a toy airplane and escape from an attack of toy missiles. You can not just fly around, but complete missions, score points, defend or attack. And you can just become a predatory eagle and go on your first hunt for rodents...

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