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Drive VR

Drive VR

The best racing simulator in ARena Space parks

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Race for survival

High speed and luxury cars — that`s what we love racing for. But the viewer even if he or she drives on the screen, receives only a fraction of what is available to a real pilot. The VR simulator is changing PC gaming for the first time in the history of attractions making you a pilot.

Sitting in a special cabin, you put on virtual reality glasses and find yourself behind the wheel. The roar of engines, trail and rivals - everything is all around you and true. Unique control technology and feedback make this the best racing simulator attraction, the thrill which is impossible to experience at home.

Price: from 300 Р

Session: 5 to 10 min

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Drive VR

VR Autosimulator is the most realistic racing simulator. Incredible quality graphics and well-constructed imitation of a real process with breakdowns and repairs, changing the time of day and weather, changes in road surface and many others makes the simulation unbelievably real. Here you can not only drive speed, but also compete with the same users over a network. And first and foremost - no need to worry about your safety. Despite the realism of the attraction, it's just a game!

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