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Yellow Path Park, Sochi

Virtual reality conquers the resorts! We invite guests of Sochi to diversify beach vacation with interesting and unusual entertainment


Sochi (yellow path of Olympic prospect)

Opening hours

  • Park is closed for Winter season


  • Sochi-Park (beach)
  • Sochi-Park

How to spend time in Sochi

Operator of VR amusement parks ARena Space opened a new location in Sochi. Tourists walking on the Yellow path of Olympic prospect will have a surprise – the opportunity to learn more about new technologies and just have fun and unusual time.

Guests of the park will be met with interesting virtual reality games, chance of paragliding, climbing the climbing wall of augmented reality, becoming the heroes of star wars and space battles.

And the guests of the country`s main resort have a unique opportunity to experience the new attraction of complete immersion into a virtual reality - Omni VR path! Now you can not just interact with virtual worlds, but also actively move, walk and run in different directions, not afraid to run out beyond the boundaries of the Playground

Virtual reality in Sochi

All attractions of the park are located inside a translucent tent and you can watch the park guests right from the street. But don't be afraid to enter the tent! Playing virtual games is much more interesting than watching them from the street! And our experienced managers will not let you get bored!



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