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What is virtual reality (VR)?

This is a digital computer environment where the player is immersed, with the help of special glasses or virtual reality helmet with a wide viewing angle and with which it actively interacts with the movements of his body or special joysticks and sensors

When did it appear?

В современном виде оборудование для VR стало доступно в середине 2016 г., но разработки велись задолго до этого

For whom?

Any person can play in  virtual reality, but the producers of VR systems do not recommend the play for children under 6


Because the virtual reality gives people the opportunities, skills, emotions, inaccessible or difficult to access in real life. Explore and create new worlds in virtual reality, get into the comic book, favorite game or movie - it is possible now! Get the feeling that words cannot describe and that everyone should experience for himself!

ARena Space CEO

Arena Space

ARena Space is a proactive approach to virtual reality, able not only to immerse a person into the world of dreams, but also giving the opportunity to win and earn money in this world!


Park formats

Recomended area - from 35 м2

  • Zoning:

  • VR Cube (1 or 2 pcs)
  • Paraplan VR
  • Skala (1 pcs)
  • Motion VR
  • VR Treadmill
  • Waiting area/Cinema 360o
  • Movable VR Cube - Move (optional)
  • Administrator area + VR Shop
  • Arena Park Manager

Total investment: from 46 000 $ 
Operating break-even: 3 months
Return on investment: 12 months
Multiplayer games mode over the chain


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months is a self-repayment period


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Attractions' modularity - park launch for 1-2 weeks (2 days is a record). We are standardize the dimensions, design elements, computer components, materials and layouts. Warehouse program and technical support 24/7.


The lack of expensive and sophisticated finishes. The ability to move the park, increase and / or reduce the number of attractions upon demand.


Unlimited opportunities for scaling and development. VR parks are just starting to appear in Russia and in the world. Become a part of the future together with the ARena Space team.


The business concept is based on innovative IT developments around the world and the team's own VR/AR development in the last 4 years.


Full technical and operational support 24/7, regular content updates, official licenses.


High profitability from 1 square meter is one of the best in the sphere of entertainment.

High profitability from 1 square meter is one of the best in the sphere of entertainment.



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