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ARena Space Mission

ARena Space Mission is rethinking and changing the way of entertaining people, using the most modern interactive technology: from the projection ones to the technologies of virtual and augmented reality, from robotics to 3D scanning and digital avatars. We create a universe in which you can fulfill your dreams.

The latest technologies made it possible to blur the lines between reality and imagination and to embody unbelievable stories, bringing magic into everyday life. We have achieved a new level of immersion when it's possible to feel like a superhero with magic and power and to get into fabulous worlds.

Our own R&D laboratory creates incredible technological innovations: from the playing and learning VR Cubes to new cinema in 360 format, from a hybrid of a climbing wall and a playground to digital avatars and the technology of Full Immersion VR.

We give a new experience to modern adventurers with the ability to climb, fly, fight, dive to the bottom of the ocean, study, learn the solar universe, travelling around it.

How we do this - through VR amusement parks - from small format with 2-3 attractions / experiences to the parks 2-3 thousand m2, with several thematic areas, an immersive theater, zones in the edutainment format. Through the creation of experience, where our customers will not only be mere spectators, but storytellers and drivers of the story, through the creation of experience which will be more real than reality and more fantastic than the avatar.

ARena Space Universe is based on the opportunity to visit any world which our customers dream about, on edutainment format and it has enough space for little children and adults.

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