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The ARena Space project appeared in the middle of 2016. The solution developer was the integrator of AR/VR solutions - ARena Labs. In the summer of 2016, ARena Lab was the first in the country to develop the concept of a modular format of virtual entertainment mini-parks and in September the debut location under the ARena Space brand appeared at VDNH. The distinctive property of ARena Space parks is their modular structure, which allows to build up quickly the area from several tens to several thousands square meters and to scale easily to increase throughput and profits. Depending on the park size, ARena Space can offer its customers up to 10 different virtual and augmented reality attraction. Within the chain there are 5 parks in three cities of Russia, among them there are affiliate locations, built and managed by ARena Space. Some of the attractions are developed by the company R&D department. Inside ARena Space there is the Event & VR equipment rental Department. The most popular rent format is ARena Space Move. Within this company activity, Birthday parties and corporate events are successfully held in our own parks or on the customer's premises, as well as organization of the entertainment areas at festivals and exhibitions. There is also a franchise of virtual reality amusement parks direction. An exceptional achievement of ARena Space was the development and implementation of the platform for the VR parks chain management - ARena Park Manager (APM).

The platform easily integrates new attractions, as well as third-party payment and financial system. In the coming months the company will open ten new parks of different types, including MAXIMA of 2,000 square meters with more than ten interactive attractions.

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