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VR amusement parks chain to spend time with your friends and family!

ARENA SPACE is a VR amusement parks chain


Using the technologies of Augmented and Virtual reality, we offer the best entertainment for children, teenagers and adults, couples, families and groups of friends. Here you will find: games in VR helmets and glasses, interactive climbing wall, flight and car racing VR simulators, VR cinema and other entertainments for all who want something new

ARena Space parks in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi and other cities of Russia are open for you all year round on weekdays and weekends in any weather. In our parks chain there are more than 25 types of attractions and more than 100 pieces of content. All the attractions have been tested and got safety certificates. Come today and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of ARena Space, where dreams come true.

ARena Space is a parks chain of the new format. We offer diverse entertainment of Virtual and Augmented reality

Entertainment park for the whole family




VR Cube

In VR Cube you can play a variety of virtual reality games. The attraction consists of a VR helmet and special controllers to interact with the game. The main feature of games is their activity. Here you can shoot a bow, handguns, fantastic space weapons and even destroy gingerbread men with candy bullets, mountain ski and ride roller coasters, throw snowballs and bombs, to go through complicated mazes, solve puzzles or just dive to the bottom of the sea, together with whales and jellyfish. Games in the VR Cube are suitable for any gender and age

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